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Girl Being Held Up By Her Grandpa

Bring on the nicu grandfathers!

We know that the mother and grandmothers get all the credit when dealing with the nicu. Even nicu fathers take a back seat to the ladies in most circumstances so grandfathers really get the push back. We want to bring grandfathers up to have a place in and out of the nicu. We have some tips on where they can make a huge difference in getting things done if a nicu grandfather is willing and able to do them!

Step Dad To Mother In Nicu

preemie paradox pap and alana in nicu

The NICU Grandfather!

The grandfather of the baby can include the father of either parent in our experience. We even drop the step off the word step father. If you're a person filling the role of nicu grandfather then assume the title. The nicu grandfather is usually out of place in the nicu. The system of birthing has always been classified as women's work and the nicu is no different. The staff is usually higher in percentage female where only the few doctors or respiratory staff are male. But we still want nicu grandfathers in the nicu. Some of these guys can also know what to do to remove the regular problems that pop up during a visit. These fellas are the perfect help staff when you want a special foods delivered or an item from the car retrieved. If nothing else a grandmother that has overstayed her visit and is getting on the nerves of the party can easily be dealt with by a special look to the nicu grandfather to say "come on dear, we have to go" Ah yes! a nicu grandfather is good to have around. Below is our way of selecting out traits that can be difficult to understand about what to do in and out of the nicu for grandfathers. We only say "good" and "bad" because of the playful connotation of the terminology. By no means are we indicating terms like good or bad fit all grandfathers, use as you see the terms fitting and move along where they don't.

Good Grandpa:

A good grandpa will remove obstacles and plan logistics that are needed to overcome in order to have a good nicu experience. The nicu is an emotional place where time is either too fast or too slow depending on what is happening. A person's dad can be a rock of solace when things are bad. A parents father can be a closer relationship during these times as there are many instances where words cannot be used to make matters better. If a grandpa is in shape and wants to mow the lawn of the nicu parent who would rather spend their time in the nicu is a golden grandpa. Any of these normal task can mound up and force the parents to deal with them along with the new baby when the nicu graduate come home. A nicu grandpa can find ways to reduce these task if they are willing and able to do so!

Bad Grandpa:

We will deal with bad grandpa directly, if he is not wanting to be of any help then let him stay out! There is no need of trying to lean on him to do anything so don't push him. A bad grandpa can really make the rest of the group anxious and having someone around who doesn't want to be there can really make things worse. Traits can include: calling the grandma or child to put pressure on them to leave the nicu to suit his own schedule, complains the whole time about trivial matters like the traffic or parking at the nicu, name calling the nice staff like "slow susan" or "lazy larry" or any other crotchety thing that would create more stress to an already stressful place.

Pawpaw In The Ncu Holding Up Baby Girl

Grandpa rules to remember:

  • Ask if he is willing and able!
    No one likes to be pushed into doing things they don't like. See if he is willing and able before leaning on him to do something.  
  • Create a list of task!
    Make a list of task together with him to see if there is anything he can do to help you! Like mowing the yard or painting the nursery. 
  • Let him find his place!
    Understand that the nicu is new to him and the baby is also his grandchild. Let him show his love in his own way.

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