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Our Preemie Apprentice Courses are great for post nicu advice, home set up and tutorials!

After a parent leaves the nicu with their baby the hard work of becoming the home support staff begins. Unfortunately those skills are hard to form when you must start right away or make things up as you go! With our courses, a parent can be learning while their baby is in the nicu so parents and support staff like friends and family can be ready for the transition from the nicu to the home. 

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Preemie Apprentice Courses!

We separate our courses into two different categories and two different sign up models. The team here at the preemie paradox believes that hard skills and soft skills are different and should be understood to be different in the learning experience. The classification of each course will be either free or paid as the premium preemie courses are. We don't want money to be a problem so we offer free courses on the basics of preemie life. Here are a few examples of hard skills vs soft skills in post nicu care. 

Hard Skills 

A hard skill usually needs a product or physical object to practice or obtain knowledge through doing a task!

Milk Machine

We take LEAN manufacturing principles and apply them to your milk/formula  station. You will learn how to use product flow from one section to the other so you never have to think about where you are in the process. We also cover measuring guides and cleanup tips! Plus how to get the support staff involved! 


Changing Station

A changing station is more than just to change diapers. You can also use it to put on clothes and shoes! We show parents how to use flow principles to make sure you have your changing station set up in such a way that you always know where your products are and how to have them close by when you need to change a diaper! You'll never have to worry about a clean work area or missing products again once you use our methods! 


Nursery Narcolepsy

Get your pin and paper because we're laying out your room! Yes, the layout is very important when designing your nursery! You already know that you'll have to go in there half asleep and tend to your baby. We break down the process in an engineering fashion to give you an idea of how to go about looking at your space with design in mind so you can ask for or get the items you know you'll need to complete your space, no matter the size or budget! 


Diaper Duty

Lets face it, no one wants to think about diaper duty but we make this process easy with just a few lessons about product flow! With a good management of flow, you can get a good idea of how you want to set up your process from buying to disposal. We also cover cloth diapers in our courses!


Soft Skills

A soft skill is more concept based and are gained by a person's emotions or thought response about a task!

Sleep Scheduler

Sleep is a crucial element to a parents life. Unfortunately babies usually have a different plan to their sleep and eating schedule. This makes it hard to co exist in the same space when you bring a baby home and  try to establish a normal life again. We talk to parents to see where their natural orders are placed so that everyone involved can do their part in a way that is easier to them. Plus we cover the harmful choices of persistent energy drinks or sleep aids that some parents feel they need. 


Baby Bonding

Bonding with your baby sets up positive emotions to the parents and the baby for future love and trust. It's the main reason people want kids to begin with. We all want that loving bond between parent and baby to be one we can count on. The programs we built we based on several techniques and levels of bonding so that you can grow deeper in your understanding as a parent and find ways to play with and bond with your baby!


Tantrum Town

Lets just all admit that we've seen babies revolt and throw a tantrum. These fits are unavoidable but with a planned scenario in place, you can always know what to do. Finding a reason for the fit can sometimes be difficult and this is why you must be able to rely on a few common factors. We go deep into examining the factors that make up solutions to resolving a tantrum and how you can regain your sanity and stay in control of your own emotions!


Couples Care

Several parents find it hard to balance and transition to persons with kids. The relationship can take a hit with the responsibility of having a child. A preemie baby from the nicu can be even harder and the ptsd a parent absorbs can be devastating. We take self care and couple care very seriously here at the preemie paradox and believe the welfare of the baby should have the best parents involved. You must take couples and self care to make sure you can be the best parent you can be. We can help you with this soft skill!    


Preemie Free vs Premium Preemie 

Our courses cover many different topics and areas of parenting problems. Some areas are broad enough to make a general courses on while other problems are very niche topics that only affect certain parents. We have chosen to make these general topics free for every preemie parent that signs up for them. The premium preemie courses are designed to be specific and need a lot of work to produce them so we must charge for the production of such courses. All course sign up must leave your email address so that we can offer support in the future if a parent has problems.  

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Are you ready to find a course? See our collection!

Our course page show you the selection of courses offered by us at this time! Our shorter free courses can bring you up to speed on terminology and other topics and give you a sense of accomplishment as you go through them! The premium preemie courses can really build on the knowledge you gained from the free courses so you can be confident in your abilities to be ready for anything that comes your way!

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