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Babies and parents consume a lot of resources

We welcome any advertisers who have a product or service to the preemie community that fits our guidelines and standards. We can't know of every product or service out there so we depend on those who have things to sell to contact us about what you do. There are many placements and ad spaces on our content for advertising and many price points so be prepared for a call or email back to start the process. We don't give out a list of cost list based on CPM or other metrics, there simply isn't a show like ours to compare to so we handle each ad and business with care and seek to find the win/win that both sides can be pleased with. If you're a large organisation then we can combine ad placements on our live show and website for greater outreach. If your a small start up then go ahead and send us what you intentions are, we know what it's like to not have a chance and we plan on giving those smaller places something to get their name out there. 

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So how do we make our money?

We mainly get paid by our course sales. Affiliate and advertising makes up the rest. See the places that make up the example - $1.23 as the $1 makes up the dollar place and the .23 makes up the cents. Our courses are how we make our dollars and affiliate and advertising is how we make our cents so we understand how we must get our message out to the right people to make our sales goals. This takes the affiliate and advertisers go along for the ride to get more people to see their ad. We do charge a monthly fee that will explain everything by our owners at The Progeny Adventure Group LLC that is linked in the bottom of the page! 

Product and Service Examples

Tara Opening Her Gifts At Her Baby Shower.

Parenting Things

First time parents will need things to care for their child. Some of these things are essential that are core to the babies needs. Others may be optional that merely help you out and make things easier. Some items are luxury products and may be well worth it for those who are planning on having more children in the future. Time saving features of robotic vacuums and automated lawn mowers may be in some parents budget and certainly free up time. Submit your product or service in the form below!

Girl At Her Birthday Party.

Kids Stuff

Kids need a lot of things these days and life is different today. We understand that in the 1800's a kid was born at home with no cribb or bottles. Playpens, toys, high chairs, strollers were a sign of wealth but today a friend may just give these to you. Kids have a lot of options and parents have shown that they will invest in their child's upbringing with the best they can afford. We also make room for new items that will be invented in the future as new information is causing new designs to hit the market!

So what about these services?

A good quality service is such a good investment to preemie parents! A parents schedule and mental health is all over the place and anything that would free them up is a big help. Imagine all the time you can have to sleep or catch up on things when a service helps you out. We can't seem to remember nothing so having a repeatable order come each month is nice to have as a possibility. Fill out the form below to tell us of the service you want us to advertise or partner in an affiliate program!

Tara And Alana Asleep.

Parent Partners

Many different services types can help preemie parents. Food services like "hello fresh" can help you plan meals and get them delivered to keep you home. A pet food program like chewy.com can help you keep your pets fed. A subscription service frees up time spent to do the task the subscription accomplishes to parents can nap with their babies or devote play time with them.

Tara's Mommy Station.

Baby Partners

A good baby product subscription service is a great thing to have when you realize you're getting low on something you use everyday. The formula and diaper makers have things like the subscribe and save feature on Amazon.com and other sites. Plus you can always forecast a size change or amount differences when seeing a doctor so you can update the service when necessary.  

See our Legal pages below for our commitment for your product or service!

All advertisers must fill out the form below and prepare for a talk about your intentions and terms. We will not advertise a company or group who just wants to use the preemie community for money or scheme.  Read through our legal pages listed below for our terms and conditions around our advertisers needs. Ultimately we love our preemie community and love the preemie products and services used to bring our kids and us up the modernity.

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