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Free Preemie Resources for Parents!

The Preemie Paradox Resources Page is our way to give the preemie community a list or short "how to" guide we could think up. Feel free to copy these off and laminate them so that their always with you. Some of these list are meant to be funny while some will make you glad you kept the list close.

 I remember locking my door and walking out only to find I didn't have the keys. I had to break in to my own home to get them. That's when I started writing down notes and lists. We've heard of all kinds of stories when "baby on the brain" can make you do all manner of strange things!

We believe you should make a list that is manageble in size and laminate the paper. Then hole punch the laminated paper and put it on a key ring. This way you can clip it to your purse or store it inside of a wallet. You can copy or screen capture this page or take a photo of this page with your phone. Either way, we don't want anything bad to happen to any preemie parent. This is why we believe a good list is key making sure you don't forget something.

Preperation for nicu visit. (Make sure to call the NICU before you go to see if anything has changed)

  • Before going to NICU: Bring vehicle in working order with plenty of fuel - Insurance and registration papaers close by - Purse or wallet with license and enouh money to get a cab or bus ticket incase the vehicle breaks down - Your phone - an extra key to your home and car in case you get locked out - 
  • Going to the NICU: Bring your nicu papers and insurance to each visit - Bring your notebook and questions you've collected while away from the nicu - Have paper copies of recent shots or vaccines you have gotten - Any mask or medical support - Downtime material incase of the nicu being closed for medical reasons before re-opening.
  • Leaving the NICU: Make sure to get any schedule of events planned for the week so that you can be up to date - See if you need to bring anything to the nicu on your next visit - Clear your mind of the nicu before leaving - Be sure of your next stop so you don't leave the hospital in the wrong direction (use GPS if you need direction)-  

Get your head out of your apps!

Many preemie parents get caught up in subscribing and following every preemie page or preemie related app or social media site they can find. These pages are often looking at each others information and seeing how they can word things to be different. Some of there writers aren't even preemie parents or know much at all about the nicu. The nicu and preemie life doesn't change much so a writer that gets creative, may lead someone in the wrong direction if they don't have context. We advise every parent to be cautious on information they get online, even if we of the preemie paradox write it! Here are a few tips to give you a way to disseminate between right and wrong information and why you may be looking for more information. We just don't want preemie parents wasting time on endless searching or picking up bad advice. Your babies need you calm and attentive with a consistent and repeatable plan of action!

  • Make sure you know why you're looking for information in the first place! -  There is an old saying that "any problem well defined is half solved" Defining what the definition and validity of your problem is should dictate the importance of finding the answer. Many time preemie parents are looking for answers and all they're really doing is entertaining themselves with preemie entertainment. This is ok in our opinion. A preemie parent that sits and worries is far worse on their emotional health than one that is looking for information. Examine your motives and be real with yourself. 
  • What do you plan on doing with the information? - In the classic book "A hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" by Douglas Adams. The hitchhikers get to ask a robot with a super computer brain. What the answer to the universe, the calculation that is given in return is "42" which leads them to try and find the fundamental question which takes up the rest of the book. You don't want to over complicate the need to find certain answers when you don't know the nature of the question. An answer to a plan is necessary when there is a clear direction to a known problem!
  • How will you measure the outcome of the change you want to make? - What matters gets measured! Someone who is trying to get out of debt knows how much money they have and need to succeed. A race car driver knows how long it takes to complete a lap around the track. Anything that doesn't have an arbitrary number assigned to it is hard to measure. Imagine trying to guess the amount of satisfaction you get from a movie you watched. Or how much you like pizza or other foods. It's hard to give this an amount. This illusive measure is how some preemie parents size themselves up. As if a parent must measure up to be a good mom or dad. There is no quantitative measurement that can answer this. 

If you think of anymore reminders then put them in the comments section below!

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